The Acoustical Society of Egypt is an international, non-profit, non-governmental, scientific and engineering organization established on the basis of Egyptian Law (Article #84, year 2002). The date of establishment was 2005 September 24. The abbreviation of the name of the Organization shall be "ASE".


The field of interest of the organization shall be acoustics and vibrations, (Monitoring, Analysis and Control).

Engineering aspects of the field of interest involve the application of physical means to analyze and optimize the levels of noise and vibration produced by structures, machines, products, systems, and processes in addition to environmental noise. The means of achieving the optimum levels include control of the generation, transmission, and radiation of fluid-borne and solid-borne sound and vibration. Optimization includes consideration of scientific and engineering principles as well as socio-economic aspects.

Scientific and socio-economic aspects of the field of interest relate the effects of noise and vibration on individuals and communities. These aspects involve psychological and physiological acoustics, social and economic studies of the response of people to sound and vibration, and cost-benefit analyses of technical options to control noise and vibrations. Included within the organization's field of interest are international and national standards, health and safety regulations.


Key Objectives of the organization are to:

  1. Serve as an international community of professionals that is dedicated to advancing technical developments in the engineering analysis and control of noise and vibration.
  2. Provide a leadership role in promoting the applications of noise and vibration control technology for the benefit of mankind.
  3. Build strong relationships within enrolled members.
  4. Enable the transfer of experience and knowledge among its members and with similar societies world-wide.
  5. Provide a place to solve scientific and technological problems in the acoustics field.
  6. Expand the knowledge and awareness of the importance of that field among the different communities.

To achieve the Key Goals, the organization recognizes the needs and responsibilities of noise and vibration engineers in all countries. The Organization seeks to unite these engineers in common purpose through close cooperation with their national professional societies with interests in the engineering aspects of noise and vibration.


The SMART (Significant Measurable Achievable Responsible within Time) Objectives of the organization are international in scope and aim to:

  1. Ensure the successful continuation of the annual international workshop on noise and vibration engineering by selecting the venues and the Member Societies that act as hosts and provide all the logistic assistance possible to achieve such goal.
  2. Sponsor or organize international conferences and seminars on particular subjects within the organization's field of interest.
  3. Promote the international exchange of information related to the engineering control of noise and vibration through the publication of a news letter.
  4. Promote international cooperation in research, and in the application of engineering techniques for the control of noise and vibration.
  5. Form a link between persons and organizations working on engineering aspects of noise and vibration and related disciplines, including mechanics, and the psychological and physiological effects of noise and vibration.
  6. Establish liaison with other international and regional organizations, as well as governmental bodies, to promote programs and activities that will reduce the harmful or annoying effects of noise and vibration.
  7. Promote the recognition of noise control engineering as a technical profession requiring formal training and practical experience.
  8. Encourage the development of curricula in noise control engineering at educational institutions.
  9. Attract qualified persons to the profession by publicizing the achievements of noise and vibration engineers and their contributions to the public welfare.
  10. Undertake appropriate programs and activities that advance professionalism in noise and vibration engineering and protect the public health and welfare.

Download The Acoustical Society of Egypt Bylaws